Monday, July 23, 2012

Interview on The Work at Home Woman

I wanted to share with you all an interview I did for the Work at Home Woman! They're a terrific group and I was very excited to get a chance to share my story with them and their readers.

Make sure to check it out {HERE}!

WAHW: How would you rate your success?

ME: It surprises me almost every day, but surprisingly successful. We keep ourselves very faith focused and I attribute our success to that. I’ve had the opportunity to work at amazingly gorgeous resorts and venues in some of the most wonderful destinations!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Less is more?

This eCourse is valued at OVER $300, but personally, I would never give someone $300 over the internet. Therefor, I would never expect for anyone else to do the same.

It was originally priced at $100 but I hated when I'd meet a mom that was qualified in every way to be the perfect candidate for starting her own floral biz but was held back by not having $100 of expendable cash.

Quite frankly $25 is a steal. Heck, I spend more than that on pizza. You're receiving everything you need to get started creating your very own business and some serious money here with very, VERY little risk on your part. Not to mention the 30 days of FREE email support and FREE updates for life. :)

There must be a catch? No, there's not. We just believe that paying it forward is the right thing to do. Period.

What's holding you back now from creating your very own business? Let me know- I'm happy to help! or It might take me a few minutes to get back to you- I break from 10:00 - noon for pool time fun with the hubby & kiddos. Every day. :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Step 3, Sneak Peek!

Conducting Consultations and Writing Proposals

Prepping the Proposal

As soon as you are done meeting with the bride- it is time to get pricing! The best time to put together the proposal is when the information is fresh in your mind, the ideas are bright and the excitement you created with the bride during the meeting is bursting. As soon as the consult is over, sit down with your rough draft of the proposal form, a blank sheet of paper, your bridal image resource (wedding book, magazine, bride’s clippings, internet source, etc…) and your pricing sheet. 
Step 1, the bouquet- I always start here and work my way down. On the blank sheet of paper
List out all the flowers that will be used.

Starting with the bride I have listed out my "recipe", everything i plan to use and how many stems of each of those. (I always try to round up as I would rather have too much than too little.)

To the left I have the retail cost per stem and on the right I have the total retail cost per line item.

At the bottom I add it up and then usually add anywhere from $10-30 for hard-good supplies (ribbon, gems, accents) and any intensive labor costs for specific designs.

 {click to view larger}

Have you already ordered your copy of 5 Steps to Becoming a Wedding Florist? Learn more here so you too can get started and earn $3,000 in a week's time too!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's the real cost to start this biz?

So you know you would love to become a wedding florist. You're creative, you love flowers, you're ready to make great money on your own schedule. But how much do you REALLY need to get started? Let's take a closer look...

You will need:
A laptop/computer/tablet -- some way to connect and use the internet. (Which if you're reading this I'm sure you've got a way.) If you need one, you can easily get a netbook or refurbished laptop for about $200. (Amazon is FABULOUS for this! I scored a large, widescreen refurbished laptop with everything I need for under $150!)

A website. This is totally up to you and can range from free to hundreds of dollars. Start with setting up a Facebook and maybe even a free blog at least, I use IM Creator and domain and 1/2 a year's worth of hosting was around $60-75 I believe.

Business cards, optional. Yes, I think you will need them but to get started they're not a must. You can go to Moo for a free sample set, or even Vista Print usually runs deals for around $9.99 to get you started.

Business license, depending upon location. Once you're up and running you'll need to tackle the legalities. Because each state/county is SO incredibly different I won't even try to put a fiure here, but for the most part this isn't too expensive.

5 Steps to Becoming a Wedding Florist -- your handbook for well... everything! :) Initial fee of $100 $25!

That's really all you need to get started. Everything else that you'll need you can buy once you've booked your first wedding and the bride's payment is made. That's it. No hidden expenses, big gambles, nothing. :) You ready to get started?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I've been up to this year...

2012 has been a crazy year for my family! We started it off as we would any other year but then decided to go full force into my wedding florist biz! My husband left his job and we packed everything up to head to the Florida Keys! Literally, we left with everything to our name packed in our car. ;)

With the demand of weddings that we've had in the Keys, and the large markets in areas like Savannah, GA, Charlotte, NC and the Blue Ridge mountains we've expanded our company to specialize in destination weddings and move throughout those areas vs. only serving one.

While it's been REALLY exciting, it's been a TON of work and even more travel. I'm really excited to get focused on this blog though and get my eCourse going again because all I hear time and time again is, "Wow, I wish I could do that!" "You guys have so much fun, that's your JOB?!?" and "Tell me your secret, how do you start something like that?" You CAN do this and it is relatively easy. Even more than that, what do you have to lose vs. what do you have to gain? (Sneak peek, you have a million times more to gain! ;)

 my big helper :)

another day at work!

Stay tuned for upcoming features and interviews, real life situations, helpful hints, answers to the questions you REALLY want to ask and a ton more! :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Most Used Centerpiece

I have made this exact centerpiece a billion times and made more $$$ off of this than any other. BONUS: my 7 year old son could do it which means you’ll be an instant pro!

I found this tutorial HERE but I do the same thing with one of my hotels that I have a package deal partnership with (read Step 2 of my eCourse for a complete script on setting up the same deal with hotels and resorts by you). *Note: this was written for a holiday specific centerpiece so void that part.  ;)
Hydrangea are extremely easy to work with and don’t require a lot of “extras” to make a beautiful arrangement. We give some examples below of DIY hydrangea centerpieces for the holidays.

Idea #1: Simply place all three stems in a vase you have at home. In this example, we used a 5” cube. (We wrapped a stem of curly willow into the inside of the vase to create a “grid” to secure the hydrangea  stems first.) Voila! You have an elegant centerpiece.

Idea #2: You can easily add a pop of color to your arrangement using red roses, tulips, or other flowers. Simply insert them right into the head of the hydrangea.
Idea #3: If you want to give it more of a Christmas feel, add some Christmas greenery from your Christmas tree.

Idea #4: Another way to add color to your arrangement is with ribbon. Make loops of the ribbon with wire picks.

Insert three or more of them in the hydrangea for a festive touch.

Voila! You can sell these over and over and over! The package I use these for the most sell for $30.00-50.00 each and I rent the glassware so that I get dozens upon dozens of uses out of each case.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tons of wedding insdustry knowledge!

The TWIPS is a group of wedding industry professionals helping one another and promoting each other through the power of Twitter, bogs, etc. It’s pretty neat! They also have this blog category, Educate, that has an abundance of resources that you can use! I strongly recommend spending some time in there.
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